Dental Implants can be an option for all age group

Dental implants are becoming more popular for patients in St. Charles, Elgin, Batavia, Geneva and surrounding communities in need of a tooth replacement. Dental implants are preferred by many due to its durability. They look similar to natural teeth and can well replicate functions of natural teeth.

Best Dental Implant Cosmetic Dentist St Charles South Elgin Geneva Batavia Illinois

Tooth loss can occur among wide range of age groups due to trauma, tooth decay, or other oral disease. Fortunately, people of nearly all age groups are good candidates for dental implants, as long as they have an adequate amount of bone to hold the implant.

Dental Implants for Children

The only age group that dental implants may not be the right choice is children, because their jaw bones have not fully developed. As a child’s jaw bone continues to grow and change, it could affect the implant, as well. However, if the tooth replacement is needed in combination with other treatment, such as orthodontics, an implant may be included in the comprehensive dental treatment plan.

Dental Implants for Older Patients

Dental implants can be right solution for mature patients. A dentist can place dental implants in older patients as long as there is sufficient bone structure to allow the dental implant to integrate with the bone. If the bone has receded significantly—which may happen in long-term denture wearers, for example—dental implants may still be an option if the dentist can perform a graft to supplement the quantity of jaw bone available for the implant.

Although patient’s age is not major a factor in a dental implant’s success, certain conditions should be addressed before implants can be placed.  A patient must be in good health overall. A patient who has uncontrolled diabetes may not be a candidate for dental implants. Other serious oral health issues, such as advanced periodontal disease, must also be treated before the implant surgery can be preform. Furthermore, people that smoke regularly should seriously consider trying to quit before they get dental implants.

Free Dental Implant and All-on-4 Consultation

If you need to replace a single tooth or All-on-4 teeth in a day, consider consulting with Dr. Rene Tanquilut, a renowned dental implant dentist in Western Suburbs of Chicago. Randallwood Dental is now accepting new patients of all ages from St Charles, Elgin, South Elgin, North Aurora, Geneva, and Batavia. We offer several affordable dental implant options and also have financial plans available. Call our dental office in St Charles at (630) 280-3774 today to set up your free consultation.

Six Month Smile

Six Month Smiles Branches Dentist in St Charles IL

Are you an adult who is uncomfortable with your smile? Maybe your teeth or crooked or have gaps in them? Maybe you have unsightly stains or discoloration… Whatever the cause for your discomfort, we can help. Adults’ teeth can now be straightened in as little as six months and we can do it for you. Six Month Smile cosmetic braces gives you the straight, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted in an average of just six months, and without the look of traditional braces. Call Randallwood Dental’s office at 630-280-3774 to schedule your free consultation.

Advantage of Six Month Smile Braces

– Quicker treatment than traditional braces
– Discreet brackets
– Affordable treatment


All-on-4 Modern Alternative to Dental Impants

All-on-4 Dental Implants in St Charles IL 60175

For most people that go through dental implant procedure, the process involved in the treatment can be a lengthy one; from initial consultation with the dentist through treatment and recovery time, and finally the finished product – a fully restored, healthy smile.

With advance in dental implant technology, now there is another option to consider that takes away much of the time associated with dental implant treatment. Known as the All-on-4 dental implant technique, it may also be referred to as ‘same day teeth’ or ‘same day smiles’, and is a method used by dentist to replace a full arch of upper and/or lower teeth – using only 4 implants.

Unlike normal dental implant procedure, which can take few weeks to complete, an entire All-on-4 treatment can be complete in just one day and involves the dentist placing four dental implants into the patient’s mouth. A fixed-bridge is then attached onto the implants, locking them together, and enabling them to heal.

Since the two posterior implants are placed at angles, issues whereby a patient may have sufficient bone mass in the jaw bone to ordinary support dental implants are minimized.

Prior to the treatment, the dentist will undertake a full review of the patient’s medical history in order to plan the treatment, including extraction of existing teeth.

At the time of treatment, the implants will placed, abutments fitted, and then the fixed-bridge will be applied and adjusted to ensure the best possible fitting and comfort is achieved – all in one visit.

A further visit will be required at a later date in order for the dentist to remove the bridge and take new impressions in order to create a more permanent set of teeth. These will be custom-fitted to match the patient’s mouth and so ensure perfect comfort and bite.

Although often used for patients whole jaw bone mass may not normally accommodate standard dental implant treatment, All-on-4 dental implants can also be utilized for patients who find wearing traditional dentures uncomfortable, or who may have problems performing normal tasks with dentures, such as eating.

Advantages of All-on-4 New Permanent Teeth:

  • Looks and function like natural teeth
  • Comfortable and stable fit so you can eat with confident
  • Beautiful, secure teeth in same day
  • Uses Biocompatible material that is compatible with your body
  • No need to remove them for daily care


To learn more about this innovative procedure in St. Charles, IL, contact our experienced team at Randallwood Dental by calling (630) 280-3774 or visit us online at

Bad breath – More than just embarrasing

Bad Breath Dentist St Charles IL 60175

Understanding Bad Breath

Bad breath and unpleasant taste are both very common and can be both embarrassing and frustrating. However even though these annoyances are common, they should be discussed with your dentist. In most cases, prolonged bad breath and a foul taste are symptoms of tooth decay or perhaps something more serious. With any mouth ailment, it is always important to first understand why the problem exists through proper patient education and reviewing treatment options.

Let’s first review a brief explanation of halitosis—the dental term for bad breath. Bad breath can be caused by either intrinsic or extrinsic factors. Intrinsic factors are typically caused by oral bacteria, and extrinsic factors are caused by external habits like smoking.

Below is a list of intrinsic factors known to cause oral bacteria that can cause bad breath:

  • Periodontal disease (gum disease, tartar buildup, gingivitis, etc.)
  • Tooth decay (cavities)
  • Tooth abscess
  • Allergies or post nasal drip
  • Respiratory tract conditions

Treatment options for bad breath always start with an assessment by a dentist. It is critical for patients with chronic bad breath and a foul taste to stick to their bi-annual dental checkups. Visiting Dr. Tanquilut at Randallwood Dental regularly will help to reduce these symptoms and fight tooth decay when it starts. Dr. Tanquilut deals with tooth decay on a daily basis and will be able to recommend treatment options that may include:

  • Changes to oral hygiene care at home especially cleaning the back of the tongue
  • Periodontal cleaning
  • Treating tooth decay with fillings, crowns and sometimes root canals
  • Referral to an Allergist or ENT physician

If you suffer from chronic bad breath or a foul taste in your mouth, contact Randallwood Dental today to schedule an immediate appointment by calling (630) 280-3774 or visit us online. Our dedicated team will get you on the path to healthy gums and teeth while enjoying the benefits of fresh breath and a clean mouth!

Difference Between a Dentist and a Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic Dentist St Charles IL 60175

Randallwood Dental in St. Charles, IL offers comprehensive oral healthcare and specialize in cosmetic dental services. If you have never received cosmetic dental care, you may not know what services are available or which services are considered restorative or preventative care. Here at Randallwood Dental, we believe in fully educating our clients about each of our services, and how they can help you get the smile you deserve. Read this article to fully understand the difference between cosmetic and non-cosmetic dentistry when booking your next appointment with us.

Understanding the Services Provided By a Non-Cosmetic Dentist vs. a Cosmetic Dentist

General dentists specialize in oral healthcare and preventative care. These types of oral health care include teeth cleaning, filling cavities, root canals, oral cancer screening, and restorative services. If you are coming in to get a checkup or discuss tooth pain you are having, you are receiving non-cosmetic dental services.

Cosmetic dentists dedicate their career towards improving the aesthetics and health of your teeth, improving your smile. Cosmetic dental procedures performed by Dr. Tanquilut includes porcelain veneers, aesthetic teeth contouring, Invisalign braces, and teeth whitening services. Dr. Tanquilut utilizes skills acquired from his extensive schooling and years of experience, ensuring a flawless smile you can’t wait to show off. Though cosmetic dentistry is not considered a specialty by the American Dental Association, it is important to choose the right dental provider.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Cosmetic dental services provided by Dr. Tanquilut at Randallwood Dental in St. Charles include:

Porcelain veneers are a cosmetic procedure used to create a straight, white smile in less time than braces and whitening practices. Veneers are created in a lab using an impression of your teeth to ensure they fit properly. Dentists permanently bond the porcelain based enamel shells to the front of teeth to provide an ideal smile. Porcelain veneers are popular among those who have teeth gaps, discoloration, or chipping. We set up consultations with every candidate to evaluate their oral health before providing porcelain veneers.

Bonded veneers are a more affordable route for a straighter, more beautiful smile without the use of braces. Composite resins, which are the color of your teeth, are shaped and hardened over discolored, chipped, or broken teeth, providing the end result of a more flawless smile. Dr. Tanquilut recommends bonded veneers for patients that need minor tooth repairs because this process makes the finished tooth look smooth and natural. Bonded veneers cost less than porcelain veneers and usually last between 5 to 10 years.

Invisalign braces create a straighter smile without the use of visually unappealing metal brackets and wire, in less time and money than metal braces. Invisalign clear braces are easy to wear, comfortably fitting your teeth without being visually noticeable by others. Invisalign braces have a compact design and are made with medical-grade plastic, correcting teeth spacing and bite problems in children, teens, and adults.

Teeth whitening services provided by Dr. Tanquilut utilizes a deep bleaching system which remove teeth stains, making your teeth up to eight shades whiter. Dr. Tanquilut is top rated cosmetic dentist in Western Suburbs that utilizes a top notch bleaching solution which will remove discoloration and stains in less than two hours.

Refer Dr. Rene Tanquilut – Cosmetic Dentist in St. Charles, IL 60175

Many non-cosmetic dentists refer their patients to Randallwood Dental when they do not have the expertise to perform the procedures themselves. Randallwood Dental is leading cosmetic dentistry in St. Charles, Illinois. Dr. Tanquilut is well experienced in providing aesthetic contouring, veneers, whitening services, and more. When you refer our cosmetic and family dentists to your friends or family, you are eligible for rewards. Find out more about our referral program. Call our office in St. Charles IL today to set up your next dental appointment (630) 280-3774.

Dental Advise from Dentist in St Charles IL

During your visit to our St. Charles, IL dental office Dr. Tanquilut and our staff talks to you about your kids, your job, your spouse, and your teeth – but sometimes we have even more to say and not enough time to say it! So we’ve decided to share important dental advise from dentist in St Charles IL.

Dental_Advise from Dentist in St Charles IL

Your Mouth is the Window to Your Body

While your eyes may be the window to your soul, your mouth is the window to your whole body. There is a connection between your oral health and your systemic health, or whole body health. In fact, disease in your mouth can lead to a greater risk for heart disease, stroke, and disease of your brain, liver, pancreas and so much more. On the other hand, a healthy mouth is linked to a longer, healthier life. This is why keeping up with your appointments at our dental office in St. Charles, IL is so important.

Don’t Blame Your Bad Breath on the Garlic

Bad breath can result from a garlicky bowl of pasta or pizza, but bad breath that’s consistent could be a sign of dental problem like gum disease, dry mouth, or a poor hygiene routine. If any of those are the cause for your bad breath, mouthwash, mints, gum, and other breath freshening items may help mask the problem for a while, but the true issue can still linger in your mouth and potentially lead to serious oral health risks. Proper brushing and flossing can help prevent bad breath but if it doesn’t go away, it’s important to call Randallwood Dental in St. Charles, IL as soon as you can.

Ignoring a Dental Problem Will Not Cause it to Go Away

Issues in your mouth will not go away if they’re not taken care of. Cavities will get larger, your smile will not improve itself, and your gum disease surely won’t go away on its own. All of these problems, plus plenty of others, will only get worse if not treated in time by your dentist. Your cavity could get so big that it needs a root canal; your bite could result in problems with your temporomandibular (jaw) joint; and gum disease can lead to serious problems like tooth loss, heart attacks, or even dementia. It’s also important to remember that just because your teeth don’t hurts, that nothing is wrong. You always want to make sure that you visit Randallwood Dental in St. Charles, IL every six months so that Dr. Tanquilut can help prevent these oral health issues before they lead to bigger problems.

Visit Us for More Dental Advise from Dentist in St Charles IL

Routine dental exam is the best way to prevent cavities and detect serious dental problems earlier. Be sure to schedule your next dental appointment with Dr. Rene Tanquilut at Randallwood Dental. Call us today at (630) 280-3774 or via the contact form on our website at to schedule your next appointment. Our office is conveniently located to serve patients in the St Charles, Geneva, South Elgin and Batavia areas.

Dental Implant Surgery is a Routine Procedure

Dental implantation is the best option for replacing a missing tooth. While inserting a dental implant does involve a minor surgical procedure, don’t let that deter you — with proper preparation the procedure is relatively easy and painless.

Inserting Dental Implant

Dental implants are root replacements inserted directly into the jawbone to which a life-like, artificial crown is secured. Most dental implants are made of titanium. Once an implant is placed, within a few months bone will grow and integrate with the implant. Implants can also be used to support bridges (replacement of 3-4 missing teeth) or dentures. Pre-planning can help minimize discomfort during and after the implantation procedure. Dr. Tanquilut first conducts a radiographic examination of the site with x-rays or CT imaging; this enables him to assess the site’s bone quality and quantity. He can also create a surgical guide from the imaging to pinpoint the precise location for an implant to ensure a successful outcome.

Dental Implant in St Charles Illinois

Prior to the Dental Implant Procedure

Prior to the procedure, he numbs the area with a local anesthesia.  He then prepares the tissue and bone for the specific size of implant he will place.  When the site preparation is complete, the implant is removed from its sterile packaging and immediately inserted into the prepared site. Positioning of the implant is then confirmed with x-rays.

With proper pre-planning and care taken during surgery, patients only experience minimal discomfort. While narcotic pain relievers like codeine or hydrocodone may be prescribed, most often non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin or ibuprofen are all that’s needed. Dr. Tanquilut may also prescribe an anti-bacterial mouth rinse to assist healing.
In just a few months custom-made restorations will be attached to the implants. The completed restoration restores the oral function and transforms a smile that can last for many years to come.
If you would like more information on dental implants, please contact us for a free consultation at (630) 280-3774 or via the contact form on our website at Our office is conveniently located to serve patients in St Charles, Geneva, South Elgin, and Batavia area.

“We’re going on vacation, but not my teeth!”

Dental Summer Vacation St Charles IL

Oral Health Care

Weather in Chicago is finally starting to warm up and most us are making plans for a summer vacation. When people think of vacation first thoughts that come to mind are relaxations, good times, and taking a break from daily routine. Whether you’re escaping to a sunny destination or making the most of the months when the kids are on summer holidays, a vacation offers the opportunity for happy smiles and great memories all around.

Vacation and Oral Health

While on vacation, oral hygiene may not be on top of your mind as applying sunscreen or packing your favorite swimwear. You should never take break from taking care of your teeth. Just remember bacteria, plaque, and gum diseases don’t halt their relentless attack against your teeth and gums while you’re on vacation. In fact, traveling, increases food and drink consumption, and making the most of the various tourist attractions along the way can all-to-easily disrupt a regular oral health routine.

Here are some simple steps to healthy vacation smiles:

1. Added Protection – In addition to your regular oral health care kit, bring along an extra travel-size toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. That way, your family is ready to keep their smiles clean and healthy no matter how busy you are where you go.

2. Visit Your DentistToothache or any other oral issues while on vacation is a sure way to dampen the good times. You should always visit your dentist every six months for regular professional teeth cleaning and exam to help address any oral health issues early, and prevent them from developing into more serious issues. If you’re planning an extended trip away from home, come see Dr. Tanquilut beforehand so your oral health allows you to enjoy your vacation uninterrupted.

3. Don’t Make Excuses – Avoid the mentality that brushing your teeth is somehow less urgent because you’re feeling tired after a late night with friends, you’re just lazing by the pool, or because you’re planning a down-day back at the hotel. Remember, corrosive plaque doesn’t take the day off just because you decide too.

Below are few tips handling a dental emergency when you’re far from home:

Throbbing Toothache – Try brushing and flossing to ease the pain; the issue could be simply that a piece of food is nestled in an uncomfortable spot between your teeth. If that is the case, try to gently remove the object with dental floss. If it still hurts, stick to soft foods, try an over-the-counter pain reliever, or dip a cotton ball in clove oil and insert it on the affected area until you can get to a local dentist.

Bitten Lip or Tongue – Clean the area gently with a cloth and apply cold compresses to reduce swelling. If the bleeding doesn’t stop, go to a hospital emergency room immediately.

Lost Filling or Crown – Dental wax will work to keep the sharp edges of your tooth from bothering you. If you can, save the crown or filling, and if you happen to have denture adhesive handy, you can use it to temporarily reattach the crown until you can get to a local dentist.

Broken Tooth – Hold the tooth by the crown and rinse off the root of the tooth in water if it’s dirty. If possible, gently insert and hold the tooth in its socket. If that isn’t possible, put the tooth in a cup of milk and get to a local dentist as quickly as possible.

Broken Jaw – Apply cold compresses to control swelling. Visit a hospital emergency room as soon as possible.

Share these reminders with your friends who are planning a vacation getaway, and book your next cleaning and check-up with Randallwood today. We can help make sure your oral health stays in great shape, allowing you and your smile to make the most of your much deserved vacation. Call us today at (630) 280-3774 or via the contact form on our website at to schedule your next appointment. Our office is conveniently located to serve patients in St Charles, Geneva, and Batavia area.

Bad Brushing Habits to Avoid

Bad Brushing Habits Randallwood Dental St Charles IL

Majority of American brush their teeth twice a day, morning and night. This is one of the easiest way to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. But could you be doing it wrong?

Dr. Tanquilut of Randallwood Dental discusses five of the most common bad brushing habits that many people form.

1. Using a side-to-side motion
A side-to-side or sawing motion can actually hurt the enamel of your teeth. Use a circular motion instead!

2. Not brushing long enough
Most people brush their teeth for a minute or less, but per ADA standards you should brush for at least two minutes to eliminate the entire bacterial film in your mouth. Nowadays many electronic toothbrushes have a timer, which makes it easier to keep track. To ensure you are getting to two minutes, time yourself!

3. Heavy brushing
Brushing your teeth with a heavy hand can damage the enamel or irritate your gums. You should be gentle, but energetic while brushing.

4. Being right or left handed
Right-handed people tend to clean the right side of their teeth better and left-handers the left side. Make sure you are giving equal attention to both sides, no matter which hand you brush with. Don’t ignore the gum line where the most tartar and plaque tend to buildup.

5. Too much whitening
Whitening toothpastes can do a great job of reducing stains on the teeth. However, they can be rough on the enamel of your teeth since they contain harsh and abrasive ingredients. Instead of using only whitening toothpaste, alternate. It is recommended that you use a whitening toothpaste in the morning and an ADA approved toothpaste at night, or use the whitening toothpaste for two weeks and then the ADA approved for two weeks.

Need to schedule your and your child’s six month dental appointment? Call Randallwood Dental Today!

Routine dental exam is the best way to prevent cavities and detect serious dental problems including gum disease and oral cancer. Be sure to schedule your next dental appointment with Dr. Rene Tanquilut at Randallwood Dental. Call us today at (630) 280-3774 or via the contact form on our website at www.randallwooddental.comto schedule your next appointment. Our office is conveniently located to serve patients in the St Charles, Geneva, South Elgin and Batavia areas.

Valentine’s Day Teeth Whitening Tips

Best Teeth Whitening in St Charles IL

During upcoming Valentine’s Day celebration, it’s easy to get carried away with the delicious chocolate treats that can put a damper on your smile. While we all love to celebrate Valentine’s Day with wine and great food such as candies, red sauce, and others that can dull the brightness of your teeth.

There are many delicious treats you can enjoy during Valentine’s Day that can naturally whiten your smile over time. Consider below options:

  • Eat raw strawberries instead of chocolate covered strawberries — Most people don’t know that strawberries contain a substance called malic acid, which acts as a natural whitener removing discoloration on your teeth surfaces.
  • Eat and drink milk, cheese, and yogurt: These dairy products have calcium, which promotes strong teeth.
  • Eat celery, apples, and carrots: These crunchy delights can act as natural stain removers, increasing saliva production and washing all the debris away.
  • Drink water and then drink some more water: High consumption of water is very good for your body. Water can also help offset teeth stains caused by colored foods and red wine.

Need a bright smile before Valentine’s Day?

If you like to improve your smile and whiten your teeth before Valentine’s Day, please call our St Charles office today.  We offer teeth whitening treatments, which are safe and can effectively brighten your smile sooner than you think. For those with dark or tetracycline stained teeth our combination tray and in office treatment can help enhance your smile by 8-10 shades. You could walk out of our office with a glowing new confidence.

Dr. Rene Tanquilut is one of the leading cosmetic dentist in the St Charles and Elgin area. Randallwood Dental’s teeth whitening methods will give you better results than over-the-counter methods. We offer teeth whitening solutions including state of art KoR whitening deep bleaching solution. Until March 2014, we are offering FREE KoR whitening kit with Six Month Smiles or Invisalign Treatment. Please browse through our website and learn more about our teeth whitening services, and schedule your consultation with us today by calling (630) 280-3774 or via the contact form on our website. Don’t forget to check out our latest discount offers for new and existing patients.