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Dental Implants can be an option for all age group

Dental implants are becoming more popular for patients in St. Charles, Elgin, Batavia, Geneva and surrounding communities in need of a tooth replacement. Dental implants are preferred by many due to its durability. They look similar to natural teeth and can well replicate functions of natural teeth.

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Tooth loss can occur among wide range of age groups due to trauma, tooth decay, or other oral disease. Fortunately, people of nearly all age groups are good candidates for dental implants, as long as they have an adequate amount of bone to hold the implant.

Dental Implants for Children

The only age group that dental implants may not be the right choice is children, because their jaw bones have not fully developed. As a child’s jaw bone continues to grow and change, it could affect the implant, as well. However, if the tooth replacement is needed in combination with other treatment, such as orthodontics, an implant may be included in the comprehensive dental treatment plan.

Dental Implants for Older Patients

Dental implants can be right solution for mature patients. A dentist can place dental implants in older patients as long as there is sufficient bone structure to allow the dental implant to integrate with the bone. If the bone has receded significantly—which may happen in long-term denture wearers, for example—dental implants may still be an option if the dentist can perform a graft to supplement the quantity of jaw bone available for the implant.

Although patient’s age is not major a factor in a dental implant’s success, certain conditions should be addressed before implants can be placed.  A patient must be in good health overall. A patient who has uncontrolled diabetes may not be a candidate for dental implants. Other serious oral health issues, such as advanced periodontal disease, must also be treated before the implant surgery can be preform. Furthermore, people that smoke regularly should seriously consider trying to quit before they get dental implants.

Free Dental Implant and All-on-4 Consultation

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All-on-4 Modern Alternative to Dental Impants

All-on-4 Dental Implants in St Charles IL 60175

For most people that go through dental implant procedure, the process involved in the treatment can be a lengthy one; from initial consultation with the dentist through treatment and recovery time, and finally the finished product – a fully restored, healthy smile.

With advance in dental implant technology, now there is another option to consider that takes away much of the time associated with dental implant treatment. Known as the All-on-4 dental implant technique, it may also be referred to as ‘same day teeth’ or ‘same day smiles’, and is a method used by dentist to replace a full arch of upper and/or lower teeth – using only 4 implants.

Unlike normal dental implant procedure, which can take few weeks to complete, an entire All-on-4 treatment can be complete in just one day and involves the dentist placing four dental implants into the patient’s mouth. A fixed-bridge is then attached onto the implants, locking them together, and enabling them to heal.

Since the two posterior implants are placed at angles, issues whereby a patient may have sufficient bone mass in the jaw bone to ordinary support dental implants are minimized.

Prior to the treatment, the dentist will undertake a full review of the patient’s medical history in order to plan the treatment, including extraction of existing teeth.

At the time of treatment, the implants will placed, abutments fitted, and then the fixed-bridge will be applied and adjusted to ensure the best possible fitting and comfort is achieved – all in one visit.

A further visit will be required at a later date in order for the dentist to remove the bridge and take new impressions in order to create a more permanent set of teeth. These will be custom-fitted to match the patient’s mouth and so ensure perfect comfort and bite.

Although often used for patients whole jaw bone mass may not normally accommodate standard dental implant treatment, All-on-4 dental implants can also be utilized for patients who find wearing traditional dentures uncomfortable, or who may have problems performing normal tasks with dentures, such as eating.

Advantages of All-on-4 New Permanent Teeth:

  • Looks and function like natural teeth
  • Comfortable and stable fit so you can eat with confident
  • Beautiful, secure teeth in same day
  • Uses Biocompatible material that is compatible with your body
  • No need to remove them for daily care


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Dental Implant Surgery is a Routine Procedure

Dental implantation is the best option for replacing a missing tooth. While inserting a dental implant does involve a minor surgical procedure, don’t let that deter you — with proper preparation the procedure is relatively easy and painless.

Inserting Dental Implant

Dental implants are root replacements inserted directly into the jawbone to which a life-like, artificial crown is secured. Most dental implants are made of titanium. Once an implant is placed, within a few months bone will grow and integrate with the implant. Implants can also be used to support bridges (replacement of 3-4 missing teeth) or dentures. Pre-planning can help minimize discomfort during and after the implantation procedure. Dr. Tanquilut first conducts a radiographic examination of the site with x-rays or CT imaging; this enables him to assess the site’s bone quality and quantity. He can also create a surgical guide from the imaging to pinpoint the precise location for an implant to ensure a successful outcome.

Dental Implant in St Charles Illinois

Prior to the Dental Implant Procedure

Prior to the procedure, he numbs the area with a local anesthesia.  He then prepares the tissue and bone for the specific size of implant he will place.  When the site preparation is complete, the implant is removed from its sterile packaging and immediately inserted into the prepared site. Positioning of the implant is then confirmed with x-rays.

With proper pre-planning and care taken during surgery, patients only experience minimal discomfort. While narcotic pain relievers like codeine or hydrocodone may be prescribed, most often non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin or ibuprofen are all that’s needed. Dr. Tanquilut may also prescribe an anti-bacterial mouth rinse to assist healing.
In just a few months custom-made restorations will be attached to the implants. The completed restoration restores the oral function and transforms a smile that can last for many years to come.
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Key Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental implants are generally a good option for missing teeth rather than dental bridges or dentures. Historically, the only treatment options available for missing teeth were bridges and dentures. With advancement in dental implant procedures, people with missing teeth have one more option.

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Since dental implants are shaped after the structure of your natural teeth, as a result provide a highly stable support for the replacement teeth. Dental implant can also be utilized to support crowns, implanted supported bridges, or denture.

Many benefits of dental implants

  • You can eat variety of foods you want. Dental implants can help restore the amount of pressure that you can apply while chewing. With dental implants you can apply same amount of pressure as you would with healthy natural teeth, making it easier for you to enjoy any food you like.
  • Help prevent bone loss. With the absence of a natural tooth there is a loss of bone volume (up to 30%) in that specific area. This can also lead to other surrounding teeth to drift and/or loosen due to extreme biting forces on the remaining teeth and thereby make your face appear sunken. Dental implants can help prevent bone loss, improve your bite and can improve your appearance.
  • Longevity and durability. With good oral hygiene and care, dental implants can last a lifetime.
  • Improve comfort level. Since dental implants are securely anchored to the jawbone, there is no need for denture adhesives and/or use of other teeth. The result is restored function and a greatly increased level of comfort.
  • Improve self-esteem. Your smile accounts for 1/3 of your face and dental implants can give you back your smile and help improve your self-esteem.

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